About Cindi

Cindi Cornelison

I’ve been writing ever since I learned to hold a pen and make stuff up.  I’ve also spent the vast majority of my life reading everything from Dr. Seuss to Danielle Steel.  Even got caught with my nose in the dictionary a few times.

While I still write lots of things with an instrument that dispenses ink, and read many books made of actual paper products, I mostly have my hands on a keyboard as I stare at a screen.

Having a curious mind has served me well in this life.  Reading and researching have taken me places I never thought I could visit.  There’s just nothing better than diving into a sea of words and floating away on a journey of imagination.

Variety is My Favorite Spice!

Born a hopeless, dreamy romantic, most of my formative years were spent writing poetry.  Unfortunately, most of it was angst-filled teenager code (read: really bad poetry!). 

Thank goodness I grew up and left the bad poetry behind.  Fortunately, that angst-filled teen doesn’t live here anymore either.  (Okay, so she visits once in a while!)  I moved on to short stories, some magazine articles, corporate newsletters, web content, and a forthcoming book.

You can also see my copywriting work over at Candace Smith Etiquette.

I Write What I Know - and Sometimes I Just Write

My life has been quite an education indeed!

One of the most important things I’ve learned is that life is what you make of it.  And the richest life is made up of far more than merely surviving or getting by.
Living and loving are the hallmarks of an adventurous life:

  • Take action on your dreams.
  • Always be willing to try something new.
  • Help other people as often as you can.
  • Never stop learning!
  • Love everyone with an open heart – including yourself.

These are the things I most want to share with you.  My mission is to help us all live a little better and love a lot more.   

I’m really happy you’re here!